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True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are ever united.

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Start your Day with these 7 Morning Stretches to feel Fresh and Energetic

When you get to our retreat you will be given space to relax and enjoy nature and the scenery.

5 basic approaches to build your Activity level

It is important to be active in our day to day busy life. If not in Gym we need to take care of our body activity level by doing small things in the home.

Reasons to never skip your warm up before you EXERCISE!!

It is very necessary to do warm up before starting with the routine exercise. The effects are very promising and the side effects of skipping it are Worse.

Exactly When is The Best Time To Work Out?

Finding the ideal time to practice is as much about individual inclination as it is physiology. Practice should rest easy—however in the event that muscles are tight in the morning or work out past the point of no return upsets rest, it can feel counterproductive.

The Worst 5 Drinks To Be Taken Just Before Workout!!

Some drinks are really necessary to have before any workout but there are some because of which you can have serious aftereffects.Be careful before drinking